UN overlord detain ASEAN agreement to escape Myanmar force representative

UN chief Antoni Guterres queried to stay at the effective agreement with Southeast Asian chief at the end of the period to elude gesture as any identification of Myanmar force local government by existence into the same online space as the force representative, United Nations consular have been said it.

The agreement during the UN assistant general and overseas minister from the 10th member management of South areas Asian nation, involve Wunna Maung Lwin, the overseas chief furnish by the force had been do to get the workplace at last Friday.

Because of the day prior to, Guterres asked ASEAN to suspend the agreement, continue to the period whenever it’s can be clasp into the requited pleasant format, into the viewpoint of the under way critical worldwide and provincial condition, according to as an 8th October record from the ASEAN chair Brunei seems by the news service organization inform members of the dawdle.

UN consular, articulate on the situation of nowhere said by Guterres did not want to take forwards of the decide by UN members condition onto who will be sitting into the Myanmar’s chair at the world anatomy after from the competitor assert were by build the force and Kyaw Moe Tun, the contemporary UN ambassador who were by furnish by the elect local government.

The widespread grab strenght onto the 1st February delay Aung San Suu Kyi and as another select local government chief onto the day the fresh council were by due to summon, United Nations diploma take weight to the local government.

Journalist of Guterres hesitancy to be seems at the same agreement as an force representative come as the ASEAN overseas minister are due to the manage exceptional agreement onto the Friday to conversation keep out achievement head and force chief Min Aung Hlaing from as an impending crest amind climb dissatisfaction over from the decision force reject to observe with the arterial location for calmness that were by gaunt up sixth months of ago.


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